Asian Wonders #5: Bangkok, Thailand

I would like to thank the generous offer of 500 free Wi-Fi minutes from Oceania Cruise Lines.  They read my TravelBlogs with photos and wanted me to be able to continue writing them from their ship.  I thank them.

I also want to thank Frosch Classic Cruises and Travel for offering me a gift of free Wi-Fi minutes to continue my writing and posting as well.

Did you know that when monks pee, it is forbidden among so many other things to make a peeing sound? They must sit and angle in just the right way.  We are traveling with our dear friends, Drs. D and A “P”, one who is our well loved  confidant and one who is our well loved and respected Urologist! He says that for a man to sit it is harder, very much harder for him to clear the bladder. I think the next donation to the monks should be truckloads of Cipro, or perhaps catheters. Catheters are silent.  I do not mean to cast any disparaging remarks on anyone’s chosen path, just informing you.

It is raining; the sun is trying to peer through the clouds leaving a long tail across the sea, and the pathway it portrays is heading straight for me. There is a meaning here, a path always suggests a direction. A path is a new start. A path is a suggestion. A path is a choice.


How many of you do well in high degrees of heat and equal amounts of humidity?  Raise your hands.  Traveling in weather conditions other than perfect is hard, harder still when the distances you have to travel in these conditions are far, far away.  We are docked at the pier, which is a distance from Bangkok proper, which is of course not ideal. We had to travel nearly an hour by shuttle to go to the entrance to a large lovely mall, only to take a taxi to our chosen destination. Our chosen direction is the big weekend market way across town. It is so large that it can take all day to see everything. We enjoyed much of the market until the heat and the exhaustion took over. I am happy to share some photos of the nicest people on earth. Thai people have been so friendly, helpful and kind. Every time I asked to take a picture, everyone responded with a yes and posed.  They were happy to share themselves with the camera and with me.

Look at them, they are beautiful and you can just see their souls oozing from them onto the camera lens. Special sparkles were abundant in the heat of the day. I thank them for their ability to say yes and mean it.

Look it is really HOT here!! Proof!

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  1. Dina
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 17:11:06

    Love you blog. Thank you!


  2. Reene
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 20:42:41

    Thank you Frosch Travel and your cruise lines–I look forward to your wonderful blogs—


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