Asian Wonders # 4: Koh/Ko Samui, Thailand

  Until backpackers came in the late 70’s, Koh Samui, one of Thailand’s sixty islands, was pretty self-sufficient and did not have much connection to the mainland of Thailand. They  had dirt roads, if any at all.  Now, in 2012 we were able to ride around the entire island as we toured the ancient temples on what they refer to as the ring road. When they say that backpackers founded Ko Samui, it is true. They came on fishing boats to get away from it all in more hectic parts of the world. This was to them a pristine paradise. They told others to come and now you have many hotels, spas and resorts on the island. The island has beautiful beaches, mountains, coconut plantations where monkeys are taught to pick coconuts. The monkeys use their hands to spin the coconut, the feet to pull at it and the mouth to bite if off.  These trained monkeys can pick up 1,000 coconuts a day. We left the island of Ko Saumi and $30.00 of our American dollars.  You should see the gaudy sandals I bought. They fit like a glove, just perfect. This is how good the Thai are when bargaining with you. The shoes were originally $75.00 American dollars all the way down to $15.00.  The show owner was so smart to bargain me down from such a lofty place. I will wear them once and all the beads will fall off. I am sure. But rarely do shoes feel good first try and rarely to you get such a deal from a professional! I was not born yesterday, but still and all, she was happy and I was happy and we hugged good-bye and a cultural exchange was set in stone. An airport services several flights from Ko Samui to Bangkok and Singapore as well as other parts of Thailand.  Sorry, sorry, I sound like an advertisement, but our guide today wanted us to let you know about Samui, which has a lot of other competition for your business since there are other islands as tourist destinations that surround it.   I thought I would add some photos of the island taken from the bus and you decide if this could be your next tourist destination. . .

The tour was about an hour late in getting started, which can throw off the spirits as they may or may not be.  In any case, I thought for sure there was a special blessing, a rite of passage or something lurking trapped in a time warp and would gladly spread its delight on me after centuries of waiting. Sure thing. All of the above is true, but a gentle and beautiful monk spread the graceful spirits of curative powers to Skip. He sprayed him with healing waters and you can see that he is tying the woven spirit of good luck to Skip’s wrist.  He could never, ever have tied anything to any part of me because a monk cannot touch a woman. So be it. It is true that the Health God is not Buddha, but in fact health is transferred from a monk to people of merit and need.

After the spiritual transfer we went to visit the mummified Monk. They say his hair keeps growing. Well, sort of. Here he is:

We continued on through Ko Samui to these sites:

The day was very special and I will always remember the sight and chanting sounds of a healthy spiritual transfer and the lovely quiet island of Ko Samui plus the privilege of being there at exactly the right time.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Reene
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 19:49:52

    Thailand is very colorful and beautiful, expecially the temples. Sure are lots of telephone wires, etc. on your spiritual island===R


    Jan 28, 2012 @ 20:58:15

    Beautiful photographs! Looks like you are having fun. We miss you. xoxox


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