Our Journey of Thirty-two Sleeps: # 20: Zadar, Croatia


Sleep #20

The Greeting To the Sun

We did not feel like guests in Zadar, we felt a part of the Zadar  family. It was Sunday morning and so many of the inhabitants were sipping their coffee on the main streets and children were riding their scooters, small bikes, and parents were holding their helmets. I wondered why they didn’t put the children’s helmets on their heads. Not only was it Sunday, but also they were celebrating All Saint’s Day with a huge section set up for flowers in the main square. Everyone by the end of the afternoon were carrying bunches of flowers.  We were told that after church families went out to the cemeteries to honor their dead with their prayers and flowers.

Church of St. Simeon

Look at the beautiful marble streets in Zadar.

We checked out all of the money exchanges in Zadar and all were closed.  We were timid about using the ATM even though we did secure a pin number before leaving home.  We could not even buy a coffee. Oh dear. We didn’t need any money after all.  We started out with a map and were able to scout out each sight. It felt a bit like a scavenger hunt.

This location has  ancient connections to Liburnians, Romans, Byzantines, plus Greek influences and  date back to the 9th and 10th century.

We really enjoyed finding the ruins, which are interestingly left to seek and find. No one else was touring these ancient spots, but others may not realize that the ruins and the garden held much of the mystique of this city. If you listened and paid attention you felt a part of the past in the present. Meaning, you came to understand that you were in a place with ties to another time and remnants of proof were there for your hands to feel and your feet to touch.  It even smelled dank and old as you went into and out of the leftovers. It is the best sights the city has to offer.





A big scavenger hunt score: The Five Wells Square

In the front of the harbor of Zadar there is a huge circle of glass and other materials that form a symbol called: A Greeting to the Sun. (see first photo) and a little way down from the sun greeting circle is the only Sea Organ in the world.  The city of Zadar is very proud to have the first musical organ driven by sea waves and what a unique musical experience it provided. We sat with other listeners to an unusual melody of haphazard notes sounding continuously. Actually, I became quite lulled by the tunes, or mistunes. The day was spent in glorious sunshine and ended with the perfect sunset  as we sailed away to come again another day.

Sea Organ

Listener's to the Sea Organ Concert

Some sailing away sunsets are glorious.


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  1. whereimstaying
    Jun 21, 2012 @ 07:30:03

    Hi and Hello, I was googling Zadar, Croatia and some churches and stumbled on your blog here. Lovely place!!! 🙂


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