Our Journey of Thirty-two Sleeps: # 18, and #19

Sleep # 18 was on the Seabourn Spirit Suite #05

We took off at 6:00 p.m  from Venice as the sun was setting

Good Bye to Venice until next time.




Sleep # 19: RAVENNA, ITALY

Ravenna is known for the mastery in Mosaics left in the Byzantine monuments



You can take an expensive tour from the ship to visit the early Christian art and the Byzantine monuments of Ravenna or arm yourself with a Ravenna City Center Guide and ask many questions of the locals to find what you are looking for. After 4 ½ hours and two potty stops, we had seen enough. The Mosaics are magnificent and you must buy a ticket to see them. You must buy a 7-day ticket even though you only want to be there for a few hours.  You get your money’s worth in the short time you visit. We visited the Basilica di San Vitale, the Mausoleo di Galla Placidia, Museo National, and the Museo Acivescovile.  Viewing ancient mosaics and large lapidary work was important viewing, plus a special treat was the ivory throne of Maximian (spelled correctly) which is elegantly carved 3D and is considered the greatest ivory masterpiece of all times. It is the work of 6th century Byzantine artists.

Maximian’s Throne

Much of the work we saw today from the 5th and 6th Century remains powerful images. I want to add here that we happened into an exhibition (free) of modern mosaics and each piece was a stand out.  It reminded me of our friend Ed’s project, where he designed and laid a mosaic floor in his wine cellar. I want him to know we thought of him today and realize that he has created a masterpiece and has produced such a mammoth feat. Bravo, Ed.

Tonight is dinner with the Cruise Director: Ray

Since we are sailing into Croatia, I thought you would like to have a map:


.Sleep #20 will be in Zadar.

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