Another Letter to My Granddaughter













I know I wrote earlier in the week, and I know you have not had time to respond, but an idea floated by and I caught it.  It is that you can do any thing; it is just a matter of what you want to do.

So, you are scratching your head and saying, yeah, so what.  Well, so everything.  You just have to number your desires and set about achieving them.  I envision it something like a grocery list or “a what to do list.”  I make them all of the time and get most everything done. It is a little extra work, but I can’t remember everything; who can?  Well, those who have a photographic memory can remember EVERYTHING, and that is something I would dearly love to have and do not.  You can make up your mind about what you think, but in the mean time, make a “what to do list,” and do things on it.  Is there any reason why you shouldn’t?

Remember how we use to cook together and make really great meals.  We would make them here and you were to take them home and bake them or finish them off at home for a meal. I was told that while the things we made were delicious, you never followed through with the cooking; just left the goods on the sink leaving it to chance as to who would cook it.  So for me, the key to my success if you want to call living well, success, is something I learned in the third grade.  It is following through. I learned that I had to finish what I started. I have had many lessons in this area and I do everything in my power to finish what I start. I am obsessive about it.  Not that I condone being obsessive, but a little obsession is a good thing in my book of books.  When you are doing a job cleaning or fixing at home, and you finish a job and do it well it is respecting your home.  When you follow through with a friend it is respecting that friend.  If you say you are going to do something, do it. If you are going some place, be there and be on time. If you are having a conversation with someone, do equal amounts of listening and sharing.  If the person needs more attention, give it to them. You are respecting their needs. When an assignment is given, either at work or in your classroom, do it to the best of your being, which is showing respect for yourself and who you are. Respect for your self is the key to living well.

Sincerely and with a great love,

Your Grandma

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