Today’s Bits and Pieces: “Make Hay While The Sun Shines.”



To do something while you have the time to do it.

To take an opportunity to do something when the time and conditions are near perfect or available.

To take advantage of a brief opportunity while it is still there. (To not waste time.)

The saying quoted here originates from farming communities. Often there would be a short or brief time in which the hay would be ready to cut. If reaped too soon the hay would be too green. To reap too late, there is risk that rain will come and it will be ruined.

I personally think it was a more than luck the day I had occasion to meet only briefly a lady who talked about the travels we were taking and said “Well, I see you are, Making hay while the sun shines.”  I thank her for getting it right and she was off in one direction and I in another.

I have been asked, “Why do you travel so much?” Don’t you think you should leave more time between trips?”  “What are you running from?” “Aren’t you content home?” or my least favorite, “Why aren’t you happy?” None of those reasons ring true and I did not have an answer except that I love to travel, albeit more than my partner, but still he goes and he gets there has sometimes, more fun that I do. I get energized and all my aches and pains disappear when traveling, but still that is not the answer.

The answer is really and truly; “We are making hay while the sun shines.”  It is as simple as that and it took me months to figure a proper real true answer for the questions some have asked. Thank you for asking, because the answer was so simple, so hard to uncover.

So you see Making Hay While the Sun Shines is not just an expression, it is a reality.

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