We loved Switzerland!!


Today we went to the top of Europe. 11,333 ft. Whenyou are in Switzerland, you go to the Alps, right? We went to Jungfraujoch and on the way we went through the magnificent Bernese Oberland mountain worlds. We had a short time in Interlaken, and then drove to board a train to as nearheaven I am going to get before the real time. We began at the foot of Eiger,North Face and then up, up, up. I was overly anxious and worried about the trip for Skip and for myself.

Switzerland is having an early winter and it wasraining and all of a sudden it was snowing. Flakes came down softly, thenswiftly, and soon everything was heavy with white. We continued up the mountaintaking pictures and loving the trip. Train stopped and we were taken out andput onto another train for the actual pull to the 11,333 ft. mark. Ears do begin to stuff and breathing becomes shallow and difficult, plus there is alittle dizziness. Now I am really, really anxious.

We arrive at the top and are taken offthe train into the building. The wobble in my legs scared me, but the guidejust went on into an Ice Palace once we de-boarded the train. It was unusual. Itook a wide stance and walked like a chimp. I was no chump and did not want toslip on the ice and fall. I heard from a climbing guru that if you spread yourfeet out and create a wide base you would be safer.  Then we were takenoutside. Going outside is a big deal. The wind pelts the snow into your body.It is so bloody cold and the wind is gusting beyond anything I have everyexperienced and the snow is fiercely everywhere. So this is what freezingreally is.  Next time it is cold, and I say I am freezing, I will know Iam wrong. Everyone ran back inside immediately. Thinking them all chickens, Istayed thinking I would get a few photos. Suddenly, I realized I was alone outthere except for a little lone lady who was running back inside, No I said tomyself, you have to experience this snow storm. It was so cold that within afew seconds it pierced through my 5 layers of clothing and a jacket. It slappedat my face and gloveless hands. It hurt and was so awfully uncomfortable. Itwhipped me fast. I was inside whimpering. That kind of weather, stings, slaps,pierces and freezes you in a flash. They say freezing to death is easy and doesnot hurt. Like hell it doesn’t and it can’t be easy.  I feel fortunate tohave experienced this phenomenon of nature. It was such a storm that all youcould see out of the windows was white, white, white, and whiter stuff.

The Swiss sure can make chocolate. It rivals Belgium’s. The cheese in Switzerland is so delicious it is like eating dessert.It is sweet, nutty, deep tasting and full of flavorful eating. Let’s have anexotic cheese party. Oh it will be great. Skip and I will bring the wine andthe chocolate. Your entry fee will be your favorite exotic tasting cheese. Wewill enjoy the time.

Switzerland is beautiful in a way I have not seenbefore. It is incredibly green and mellow. Have you ever seen Alpine meadows?Have you ever seen splendid natural beauty wherever you look? The cities arestill quaint and quietly livable. There are little mountain houses perched onhillsides and snowcapped mountain peaks wherever you look. Of course, they havejust had two days of snow.  Picture the changing of the colors and snowbackdrop. I think that says it all.

We met a traveler from Dubai. She teaches EnglishLiterature at their international school. She says that they know their hold onoil will run out in 10 years so they have made their city a playground for theworld. They think they will capture the tourist industry and make up for lostoil revenue. The city just opened up a 7 star hotel among so, so many otherincredible malls, hotels, and living quarters. I can’t imagine what they willdo for you in a 7 star.  Feed you? Wipe your buttocks, shave you and cutyour hair, be at your beckon call? Make your bed, carry you from place toplace, shop for you, and deliver goods and services to your bedside. You don’teven have to leave the bed, etc. Well, in my opinion you can get the sameservices in a nursing home. Oh well, maybe not, but maybe yes. Anyone have anyideas on a 7 star hotel?

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