Bits and Pieces: Anaphylactic Shock

I spent two days in the hospital recovering from Anaphylactic shock.
This is all new to me. Fifteen minutes after I took my last Keflex pill, I started to go down. I was also peeling apples for a pie and maybe there was some pesticide on them, but I don’t know. My hands and feet started to itch. Before the itch I popped an anti inflammatory pill which has always been fine. Was it one thing? Was it the combination? Am I too much of a pill popper? Yeap. Whatever it was, it took me down.

Any four year old knows how to call 911, and I did not. I asked Skip to take me to the hospital because something really bad was happening. Half way down the hill I realized I was not going to make it. A picture of the fire station, which is just at the end of our hill flashed into my mind and the last thing I said was, “ I am having a stroke, I am going blind, I won’t make it to Kaiser, take me to the fires station.” For the second time in our long relationship he listened to me, and it is a good thing, too.

I don’t remember anything, but I was told that they dragged me out of the car, put a blanket on the station floor and got me going. Even in my state of shock, I opened my eyes to a group of the most adorable men on earth. Those pictures of the firemen’s calendars popped into my head and I had an internal smile. These guys huddled around me were better than any calendar I have ever seen. WOW. Now I do digress. After stabilizing me a bit more, they transferred me to the nearest hospital. I stayed there for about 6 h ours and then, they transferred me to Kaiser because I am a Kaiser member. Kaiser further treated me and then sent me home with continued steroids. I now understand the lure of steroids. When taking them, every pain ever known disappears and you feel like brand new. I only have a three-day supply, so I should enjoy the next few days of pain free living.

You would think I would never want to go into a fire station again, but it is a funny thing, I have now become fixated with fire stations, fire trucks and firemen. I am like a 5 year old. I am going to fire station #93 this afternoon with two great big bags full of goodies I have bought which represent some of my favorite eatables. I do want to thank them for saving my life and show them that they are greatly appreciated.

I now will have to take my epipen wherever I go according to the doctor. It is a pen that gives an epinephrine dose when punctured into the thigh. I think this is to help the shock and give you more time to get help. I am pretty sure you can die from an Anaphylactic shock episode. I know I almost did.

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