Today’s Bits and Pieces:

I am off in ten minutes to get my mammogram. and after, I am going to have luncheon with a 93 year old lady (in the city full of gosh darned traffic) who was a friend with my parents, actually lived across the street, catty cornered from us when I was growing up. Her name is Allegra.
Her family lived on the other side of the street and they had two lots. One held their beautiful home and the other, separated them form the chicken /poultry farm/market on the corner. I remember you could actually hear the chickens and actually hear them killing them. My mother was a good customer of the poultry market for years until, one time my mother went in to purchase chickens and the man behind the counter said an anti Semitic remark. My little teeny shy mama let him have it and never returned to the store. My brothers & friends used to collect the clawed chicken legs and one time put them into my bed. I have looked under the covers ever since and I assume it will be a lifelong thing.

Thought I would tell you about my newest Garmin story as it occurred on the way to meet Allegra. Garmin, you know my new personal navigational assistant. I guess her name is Garmin, but I call her Bitch. You see, I have not tried her services in any areas I haven’t gone before on my own. But yesterday I was meeting Allegra, and she said come whenever you want, so I relaxed and let the little sucker go. I cursed at her all the way there because she did not take me on any known route. But finally I said, “Bitch do whatever you want.” So she did. She took me through canyons of the back hills, over the mountain, into valleys over dales and meadows and finally I dropped down into the big city, full of gosh darned traffic and right to Allegra’s front door on Pandora Street. Ok good. So, on the way home, I punched in home and said, “Bitch, it is your turn.” She took me again over a different part of the mountain, into the canyon, through the valley and from side to side one street after another I didn’t know existed. Every once in awhile she would take me out for a peek into known lands and back into the woods (we don’t have any woods, but it looked like woods to me). I think she is programmed NOT to go on any freeways. I will have to see about that? Humm. Anyhow I thought about telling you. So I did.

I went for my mammogram, as I mentioned in the first paragraph. It is not funny to have one of those squeezes, but this story is funny to me. I went at the appointed time 8:45 A.M. The lady said. “ You are here mighty early.” “Oh,” said I. She said my appt. was for 8:45 P.M. I told her I could not possibly come back and that by 9:00 P.M. I would be sleeping. Usually not true, but true for this day only. What the… how can they have appointments so late at night? When do they go home? Must work in shifts. The little lady felt badly for me because the actual time written down on my appointment slip said: 8:45 A.M. Gosh. I must have looked panic stricken when she said it takes three months to get another appointment so, she said, “Since you are here, I think we can squeeze you in.” Right. And squeeze they did. I am still a little sore. Bit as I paid my $5.00 co-pay, I looked on the floor just to the right of my right shoe, there was a 5-rupee bill from India. It was all wadded up, but I know money when I see it. A bill from India poured down from the heavens above. Is this God speaking? Next trip?? What do you think?

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