Bits and Pieces: A Day

Everyone has had the experience of sitting in a car repair waiting room. I have had my share. This time there was a recall # 139 and I had to return to the dealership. By the way, my car is 10 years old. I have trepidations when I go into a dealership. You have had yours. I always think they charge the highest of prices and find things wrong on purpose.

The young, very young man at the counter looked at my recall notice and said, “This is an old one,”
I said, “ The recall, the car or the lady standing in front of you?” I noticed that my car in the line up was by far the oldest. The recall was years and years old and the lady, me was the oldest person in the entire dealership.

He righted himself by saying,” Well, there is an older guy around here or did he leave already. The car, well it is the oldest, but it is a “beaut” The car, a volvo has held its classic style and is a 1997 “Beaut.”

The nice, very nice young man took the keys of my car, drove it off into the black hole and said he would be out with the news.

Talking about the news brings me to a few lines I jotted down while watching the soundless news on the huge T.V. in the waiting room for customers. It was soundless, but I can still read. Within a short space of time these are the headlines as CNN flashed before me:

l. Remains of missing mom found
2. Abducted infant found, back with parents
3. Gunfire on a Virginia highway, sniper suspected.
4. 29 students injured when school buss flipped over on I-59.
5.Riot breaks out in TX prison, 1 inmate dead, 22 injured
6. Allergy meds leads to suicide
7. 1,000-pound killer. 1,000-pound woman accused in death of 2 year old nephew.
8. 5 ft. 6, 180 pound 11 year old tasered after punching officer in the face.
9. Female teacher charged with raping student.
10. 9 year-old child abducted.
11. TSA officer forced woman to remove nipple piercing as an air safety threat and was given pliers to remove the piercing herself.

The youngster with my car details came back saying they would fix the recall and wash my car. BUT, that I have some issues that will need to be taken care of some one of these days. Brakes, brake fluid, hoses and he told me that I should pepper my garage with rat poison. Nothing new, in the life and times of a car, but traces that rats had been feasting on the inside of the engine area were evidenced. So the car thing is boring, but the news items made me down hearted with worry.

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