Today’s Bits and Pieces: My Father Died on My Brother’s Birthday

My father was kind, wise, charitable, compassionate, generous, and was strong mentally and physically. He was an unflappable man who was famous for his negotiating skills and his ability to never back down or give any information as well as tire out everyone in the session. He was community minded as well as loving and a true family man. He died yesterday morning which was my brother’s sixty-fifth birthday. My brother is in good spirits about it. Good attitude, Michael.

My father loved to collect things so I guess you would call him a collector. He collected heavy old-fashioned irons, matchbox holders, watches, pocket watches, elephants, magnets, magnifying glasses, mustache cups, and great scotch. He was proud of himself because he was sent to Los Angeles, 72 years and 5 days ago from San Francisco to open and run a Scrap Iron business. He was proud that he did it well. He provided for his family, his wife of 66 years, his children, his grandchildren and had some left some for his great grandhchildren. I would love to live to see his great, great grandchildren.

Between Skip and I we have lost five parents and each death was not short and sweet. We have the knowledge and willingness to help others who find themselves in this situation. Many have helped us and we thank you. I see myself in the future and, since both of my parents have had Alzheimer’s Disease, I feel sad about losing my frickin’ mind. I’d hate to loose all that I have worked so hard to put in it. Oh well, that’s life.

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