Today’s Bits and Pieces: The Checks Arrived.

My third set of checks arrived wrinkled and bent on some of the pages. Okay, okay, I accept because I can’t stand another round. The checks didn’t even come in the traditional check box we have become accustomed to receiving when ordering a batch of new checks, still okay, right? You have to make your own box which is tricky at best. I understand that the bank in question, whose name I can’t devulge, but has a sort of nicky name WAAAAHOOO does all their outside work in India. Oh, now I understand. Don’t you?

Everytime you want to make an old fashioned transaction, like deposite your money, they have to call a manager. If you wish to withdraw, there are a set of questions and proper answers and the showing of specialized documents, none of which I mind. Now, I am concerened that they have relaxed their rules on insurance so that you CAN put all of your eggs in one or two baskets if you are a normal depositer like me. This is scary. I am scared of WAAAAAHOOOO. How about you?

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