Today Bits and Pieces:Family and Other Things Related and Unrelated

I must tell you of a wonderful idea coming to fruition. The old Otani Hotel, right in the heart of Los Angeles recently had a dramatic renovation and is now called the Kyoto Hotel. They offered a wonderful discount on rooms as their opening promotion. I keyed in right away and reserved 5 rooms. I asked the kids to join us for a night in their own hometown. They all said yes. Even though we live relatively close to downtown, I thought they would all get more out of a concentrated visit.

Now, how many of you can say you have farting couches? Well, I know I can. We had motorized lounges put in to have ease and comfort in our beginning to decline years. Oh, they are comfortable and do work, but at a price. Farts. Every time you go up or down, it sounds like you know what. I asked for a repair. Two fellows came in and worked very officiously. The boss dude kind of roughed me up verbally and stormed out of the house. Soon after I knew why. Big giant farts. I would have accepted the old little ones back, but alas, I called the owner of the Leather Lounge and accused him of selling Farting Couches. He came out himself to see and he got a laughing kick out of the sounds the couches make, so does everyone. Since it really is not a laughing matter, he has sent his expert
The expert came today and worked on the couches for hours. He drilled and drilled and drilled some more. He turned them upside down and over on the sides. He finally got the farts out, but there is a tiny one left over. Said he just can’t get it out. No kidding. Meanwhile the couches are quieter and less obnoxious sounding.

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