Necklaces Grace Your Face


What you can do to add the twinkle and shine to your face? Well, some of you have gone a very surgical route to skim and repair, lots of vanishing creams, and rough scrubs. What in the world are you all doing to your selves? All you really need to do is to find a necklace that compliments your face and put it on. Take this test. Get all dressed up and ready to go out to a party. Look directly in the mirror from shoulders upward. Yes, it is you. Now find your favorite necklace and put it on and stand back. Does it not Grace your face? Does it not give you a new glow, a bit of a twinkle, a soft cast of a new private liking of your face? Does it not brighten your eyes; shrink your nose, smooth out most of the rough spots? Oh, there you go, you are smiling. What a smile does for a face is unbelievable, fantastic, extraordinary, just plain incredible. The problem when you smile is that you don’t see it. You cannot tell how it brightens the look of your face. Study faces as they look back into your eyes when you smile. This is how you can tell that your smile has brightened them. Learn to study the face that smiles back to your smile, and you can see in their eyes that your smile has uplifted their spirit. Your spirit is lifted as well. Brilliant exchange.

Now that you know this new necklace trick, set aside some time, to hide in your room and play the game of Necklaces Grace Your Face. Make some space, now take out your necklaces, and line them up. Try on some colorful clothes from your closets, and go for an afternoon of gracing your face. After some time at my mirror gracing my face, I went outside to pick up the newspaper. My neighbor just happened to be out picking up his paper as well. He said, ‘Oh I see you are wearing your pearls, big day ahead?’

I answered, “Yes Sir.” He should only know that I finished the day, dusting, cleaning up the kitchen, vacuuming, finished washing and folding the laundry, pulling weeds and other tidying up. But I write to tell you that a necklace not only will grace your face, but also adorn you with dignity, sparkle, charm, polish, and a heretofore hidden beauty. Nothing more or less than a well-chosen necklace will grace your face.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. etty10
    Jan 14, 2016 @ 18:42:22

    Very nice and so true!


  2. Sheila Clapkin
    Jan 15, 2016 @ 11:51:47

    Did this post make you want to look in your drawers and select some necklaces that have been there all the time, but you forgot about them? It did for me. I have stuff, so much stuff and necklaces from forever.


  3. Sheryl
    Jan 16, 2016 @ 19:54:50

    Lovely post – I need to go try on some necklaces.:)


    • Sheila Clapkin
      Jan 18, 2016 @ 20:11:29

      Yes you do need to wear and try on necklaces. You will be surprised how much dress up fun you will have. I wish we lived closer and we could trade off.


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