Antalya Region #6

Antalya is the home of our guide so we were invited to meet his lovely family and enjoy a cultural exchange. Thank you “A.” We had to exchange ideas quickly because it was time for school to begin and language classes were first on the list. I want to go back and give proper cheek-to-cheek greetings. We in America just touch cheeks or give a peck once, but you go three times. You touch once on one side, then the other side and again on the first cheek. OK, you come to visit us or we have to come back to cheek-to-cheek properly. Thank you for the lessons on greeting one another, cheek-to-cheek. Skip and I have been practicing. We wish all of you a sweet, loving, and healthy life.

Next, we visited the city of Perge where I nearly fainted. It was hot, burning hot and no one was home. It is the best example of a complete Roman city in Turkey and reached the height of its success during the era of Alexander the Great.  All I honestly wanted to do was leave, so we did, finally.

We also visited the Antalya Museum of Archeology.  It includes 13 exhibition halls and an open air gallery. It is one of Turkey’s most important museums.

What a busy, busy day. Please enjoy some photos from Perge and the beautiful remnants of home.












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