( refer to Blog #1 for full Clarke story)

After visiting with Clarke for a while in his beautifully wooded area, we drove over for a hello to Linda’s daughter in another part of the cemetery. We continued on with our afternoon through Troutdale, a lovely town with outlets connected to it. No we did not stop; we kept to our plans to follow the Historic Columbia River Highway 11 ½ miles to Vista House, which captures one of Oregon’s very special views. You can be in Oregon, looking across the Columbia River into the beautiful state of Washington. Inspiring!
Photos from Vista House at Crown Point








Waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge:

On the way to the Multnomah Falls, we learned that waterfalls could be classified into different forms: plunge, horsetail, fan, cascade, punchbowl, block, tier, and segmented. Can you see the classifications in our photos of the falls we saw?





Thank you Mark for introducing us to Portlanders fixation with huge elegant breakfasts. We ate at Gravy and the minute we sat down we saw huge plates of magnificent food piled high. It was share time for Skip and I. Not for Mark. Sorry no photos because we were too caught up in the moment. At Gravy, you can expect plentiful delicious food, and a comfortable and inviting ambiance. Later we toured around Mark’s environs and then visited his habitat. His home is wonderful and his dog Ruby is beautiful. Too bad I am afraid of dogs. Mark shared his work with photography and the worldwide market. Then, he introduced us to Bernice his 104-year-old neighbor. She is lovely looking, frail, but healthy and best of all has all of her ducks in a row. Bravo, Bernice! So there are older people in Portland. Bravo to Mark for being such a caring neighbor, a special friend and a wonderful, cheerful person.

Mark told us about the McMenamins brothers who saw the opportunity to use old unused buildings to their advantage. The bought them and opened up 65 brewpubs, microbreweries, music venues, historic hotels and theater pubs. Our luck brought us to The Kennedy School, which was once an elementary school now turned into a hotel, pub, restaurant, movie theater, art gallery and much more. Now, you can sleep in your classroom at McMenamins Kennedy School.







On our way back through Troutdale and after visiting with Clarke, we had dinner at McMenamins Edgefield, now a beautiful European-style Village and Hotel and respite, was once for many years Multnomah County Poor Farm. When sent to the poor farm all residents were given a job to do raising hogs, poultry, fruits and vegetables.


We had an opportunity to visit the International Test Rose Garden while overlooking Portland’s skyline. Actually what I saw was a lot of deadheading needed. The Holocaust Memorial is in the same vicinity as is the Zoo and train.

Flowers in Need:







The Pittock Mansion: Lovely walk down memory lane. Henry Pittock was a newspaperman when he became owner of the Oregonian. When I saw the same jello mold maker as the one I have from my mother, I felt at home. Sometimes connecting with the past is comforting and reassuring that there is a future!





What I can tell you about Portland; go for a visit? Yes because there is everything you ever wanted and I suppose don’t want as with any city destination. I can say I enjoyed the sharing of creativity, the taste, the smell, the youth, the kindness to strangers and their values full of manners and good will. Come to see the gorgeous green coolness, the food carts, the vintage stores, human ingenuity in all of its passion for life and bustle of yet to come.

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  1. Mark
    Sep 07, 2013 @ 17:03:18

    Yay! Thanks for visiting S & S! So lovely to spend time with you both.
    Love & Appreciation,


  2. Gary Friedman
    Sep 08, 2013 @ 23:02:08

    Your story of Clarke was very moving. So you had no contact at all for 67 years? Wow.

    We’re going to be driving through Portland in a couple of weeks (on the way to give a seminar in Seattle) and we’ll definitely try to seek out some of these places. Thanks for sharing your experiences!


  3. sheila Clapkin
    Sep 09, 2013 @ 09:00:35

    I’ll be waiting to hear about your adventures. Seattle was great, too. I did write that as well and you commented on it. Thank you dear, faithful friend, Gary. Glad you are well. Enjoy your Northwest adventure. Seattle is lucky to have you coming to them.


  4. Keith Anderson
    Sep 10, 2013 @ 09:35:10

    Considering a road trip to Oregon and Seattle now. You’ve got me hooked!


    • sheila Clapkin
      Sep 10, 2013 @ 09:48:42

      YOU go dude! I can’t wait for your experiences to come through on the photos you will send.


  5. Dina
    Sep 12, 2013 @ 16:00:51

    Now I want to go! I bet it’s a great place to teach. It’s reassuring to hear about the good manners and kind-heartedness of the people. Thank you for sharing.


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