Asian Wonders #2: A Thank You to The Marriott Hotel for the free Wi-Fi and The Marina Bay Hotel’s Rooftop Gardens

Remember I mentioned that because of the generosity of The Marriott Hotel’s new policy, giving Marriot Members free Wi-Fi, I am able to blog. I thank them! I was also treated to a complete hotel tour given by the Communications Director, Esther. She told me of the lovely amenities of the hotel and I told her about the kind and attentive service we have received here at the Singapore Marriott.

Remember I mentioned The Marina Bay Sands Roof Top Garden that spans from one tower to the other and you can see that it cantilevers over the third tower? I said it boasts about being the largest roof top garden in the world? During the night I realized I had to see this from the top.  We made reservations for lunch at Sky 57. If you do not have reservations and are not a guest, you probably would not be allowed to take the elevators to the 57th floor.  The lunch was an Asian/French Fusion including lobster, noodles, knuckles, tendons, ribs, rice and condiments. I enjoyed squirting lime on everything. Yum. But, the lunch is not the issue at hand; it was the views of Singapore.  So, here is Singapore and doesn’t she look gorgeous?

Here are two views of the three towers and the rooftop gardens. See how the end extends over the third tower.

Now see what’s on top and what people are doing to enjoy the gardens and infinity pool.

Now we have views from our luncheon table and the walk around the restaurant:

Where’s Dave ?

Singapore is a tourist’s delight, an architectural splendor and a shopping mecca. Come and be wowed.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dina
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 15:14:34

    Wow….really wow!!


  2. Karen Callan and Period2
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 09:23:25

    Hello! Gonzalo said your photos are awesome! ” We all loved your pictures”, said Daniel. Matthew wants to know how the food is?? Maria is convienced to visit. Fernando wants to know how long your vacation was? Chris wants you to know he is curious about the pool. Marvin thinks the pool is very scary. Francisco wants to know what the monk was doing to dad and is he feeling better. Period 2 wants you to come visit us and tell stories about your travels. love you, Karen


    • Sheila Clapkin
      Feb 14, 2012 @ 17:58:27

      Gonzalo, Daniel, Matthew, Maria, Fernando, Chris, Marvin, Francisco and all of Period 2 in Ms. Callan’s class.
      You have so many wonderful questions and I am coming to your classroom to answer them the best I can. How abou tomorrow, or the next day. Can’t wait to meet you and have a little talk. Thanks for asking.


  3. Bill Kornbluh
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 08:19:43

    I have been to Singapore and other places in your blogs but, when I read your narratives I often wonder how I missed the “romance” of the area. I have figured it out now. The answer is that I have not traveled with you.


  4. sheila Clapkin
    Oct 25, 2013 @ 17:16:03

    You are welcome to come with us on our next travels. For sure!


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