Please Look into our Hollow Ancient eyes and say:” Hello In There, Hello”

After working so hard to survive and live another day, to tell yet another story, is this chair and this position our eventual end my friend?    If we are lucky someone will wheel us down by such a beautiful natural wonder, but in actuality, I believe we will be housed in a dark corridor and there we will stay.  Our eyesight will be so dreadful we won’t even be able to recognize each other.  Our voices will have been stripped of all timber. So who will hear us when we utter our reverent hello?  If it is true that we are here by the ocean’s edge, I am glad you are next to me. I hope we do not run out of things to say to each other or stop enjoying the world as it was made and our dwindling meaning to be in it.  There are so many terrors now to face and I have noticed that since we were girls, dancing and singing out loud, there are more terrors the world is facing, ones that have escalated with time and ones that have been added with the passing of our time.  In listing some of the terrors, I find that the ones that have escalated are no less terrorizing, than the ones that have been added. The ones in my mind that have been added are ones with inevitable ends. I find that my friend base is dwindling and new voices are quietly comforting, but fleeting in momentary time. You who will be sitting next to me, and I you, in the future, hello and thank you for your consoling familiarity as we face the end of our moments together.


We have given to the world our best positions and opinions and the best knowledge we have acquired, investigated and analyzed to be used at their discretion. Now, we sit and wait.


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