Our Journey of Thirty-two Sleeps: #14 and #15; New York City, U.S.A.

Sleep #14

There she was in her yellow dress and I was the lucky photographer.


What do you think is on his mind? Another lucky photograph.


Due to some special genealogy work done by L, Skips long lost cousin, he found out that his grandfather was not orphaned, but indeed, he was one of eight siblings. L passed away, but left a legacy of her work and cousins that now know of and about each other. L, L’s sister and husband S picked us up at our hotel and whisked us away to the south through the Flatiron District, through Greenwich Village, straight through the Bowery to Chinatown where we rounded Canal Street and low and behold we scored a free all day parking spot right in front of Columbus Park. When we started our big walk we noticed Tai Chi being done in the park, but the most amazing sights in the park were taking place in the park on our way back.

Tai Chi in the park.

Playing in the park


Singing in the park


From my recollections, Chinatown in New York used to be in a much smaller area some years back, but now it seems to have spread out to a much wider area encroaching on and actually taking over wider bands of territory. We walked in a giant circle and could not seem to get to the old haunts we remembered in the past. The walk and the talk went so well. L got a statue that will bring her health and a little wealth, God Willing. To make sure of the financial gain, she bought a money tree. We have one, do you?  Everyone should have a money tree. Go to your local Chinatown and get one today!

We had lunch in Little Italy.  Those boys have a special way of dragging you off the street for a meal in their establishment, but we left the decision up to L and she is no one’s fool. She chose well. The food was delicious and the catching up on family and our lives was splendiferous. L brought pictures of her dad and of she, her sister, and her brother growing up.

It came about that there are so many, many family similarities that it boggles your mind and you keep gasping and asking, “Really?” It was a magical day.

Thank you L & S!

This evening’s walk in NYC brought many new and interesting sights. First, I saw some of the most beautiful cupcakes I have ever seen. This is the city of beautiful cupcakes.

Next the signs here are not saying I am hungry, need food or will work for food, they say NEED WEED. Okay.

There is so much trash on the sidewalks that all put together would make a mountain. Of course, you must be advised that it is Sunday night and we are walking in the densest part of the city. I do believe that the trash collectors rule this city because you have to give them what they want just to get and keep the mountains of trash off the streets. Left any length of time will cause a stench and just more mountains.  Trash collectors do rule.  Do they not??

Now how convenient that they have made a sitting and walking area right down the middle of Broadway where the homeless can sit and relax, yak away to themselves, even sleep.  I don’t know if they are rousted during the night by the authorities.

Talking about the authorities, there is a huge police presence in Times Square area. They have police cars, trucks, wagons and they walk the beat so to speak. They are visible and they are there. I know NYC authorities work hard to keep things safe for everyone.

SLEEP: # 15

All of the museums are closed on Monday’s except the MOMA. So we, along with every tourist and school class, lined up and crowded into the only gig in town.

This photo does not do the crowding situation justice.

Art speaks to you individually. It communicates something to everyone on different levels, different planes.  Museums make me tired because of the intensity of the conversations going on in my head.  I saw others sitting and tired, too. It is quite important to be spoken to by art, with its intensity, passion and power. That is why you go, isn’t it?

We walked for over six hours.  We are thankful to be able to do it. We walked to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and were pleased to be in time for the 12:30 mass. My friend A. told me that when they ask you to turn and greet each other, it is not the end of the service as we once thought. So we greeted others and stayed through communion and then went along to continue our “see as much as you can” walk. Next, we stopped at Rockefeller Center to watch the skating, visit the Lego store, and shop at the Metropolitan Museum Gift shop.  We saw where the Good Morning America show is produced and saw the window where people stand and wave. Now when I see the folks waving, I will know exactly where they are standing.

Some photos of the day:

Rockefeller Center and the ice skaters


This skater was doing a photo shoot, so I shot her.


Boy looking at the Lego display


Radio City Music Hall


St. Patrick's Cathedral


Entering Bryant's Park for a coffee and a rest.


Viewing inside Bryant's Park


Eating in the park


Playing in the park.


Sleeping in the park.

.Today we will visit the Frick Museum, have lunch at  “Markt” where a very special former student is working and then, we will head off to the airport.

Sleep # 16 will, God Willing, take place on Delta Flight #86 to Venice, Italy for Sleep # 17 and # 18. Then, we will board a ship cruising the coast of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea.

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  1. Sheri Clapkin
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 20:49:12

    Amazing! I love & miss NYC. XXOOX Sheri


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