Our Journey of Thirty-two Sleeps: #10 and # 11: Virginia

Please accept my apologies for sending names and emails. It was an error and I will not do that again.

Sleep # 10 and #11

Each morning we are greeted with The Washington Post; today is Wednesday, October 19, 2011 and we are kept busy reading the front page, Metro, Style, Sports, Health and Science, and the Classified.  This newspaper feels good, nice and thick; it is the regular size, not chopped and shrunk like ours at home.  The artwork is lovely, photographs plentiful and it is laid out attractively and in a very pleasing, eye-catching style.  Thank you to The Washington Post for interesting news of Washington, the goings and comings of Washingtonians, and the world at large.

Today’s journey:

The morning began with Scotch Eggs along with a Washington Post read. Scotch eggs are a specialty of the area and very delicious.

If you want the recipe for Fiona Hughes’s Scotch Eggs, let me know, I have it ready to share.  You know I fully intend to make them someday!

We drove into the countryside to visit the site of the Children’s Home and compound  where P and S worked and lived; mending lives, clearing minds, changing attitudes, mending broken hearts, sharing love, soothing souls, giving hope and receiving the heartfelt gratitude only a thankful child will give.

I have not included the photos of the actual homes because they are private, but the sights along the way will allow you to see the wonderful environment in which the work of God was allowed.

The creek where the children swam




Look what we enjoyed all day long followed by a long nap!!!





1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Dina
    Oct 22, 2011 @ 09:46:39

    These are such amazing pictures. I wish I can go there someday with you. I miss you so much! Love, April Marshall


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