Our Journey of Thirty-Two Sleeps: Part One

Sleep one After having breakfast in Los Angeles in the morning and having dinner at Half Moon diner upstate New York in the evening is not an easy task. There was a lot of work in the traveling mode to achieve our breakfast and dinner with a bunch of little snacks in between. We are sleeping in Bolton Landing, (established in (1799) perched atop Lake George in a mountain home which is more unique than most of the houses we passed on our ride in. In front of this mountain home fly two flags, the American flag and the Marine Corps flag. We were told, “Once a Marine, always as Marine.” Sleep was an important rejuvenating necessity and was provided by a private room with luxurious sheets and down comforters. Tired is an understatement.  Once rested you are ready to conquer the world once again. We woke to breakfast service in the main dining room with gigantic windows showing off the land leading to Lake George. The wind would rise and fall and with each rise it would blow a rainstorm of leaves falling to the ground below forming a carpet of color beneath the tree. The sight is awe-inspiring and humbling in it’s showing of nature working through the windows. Watching these nature dances through the windows gives you the notion that of course there is a higher power, in fact, but if not a higher power or order, then, what? Next telling mountain event was the delivery of heating oil. They filled the tank making the house ready for winter heating.  It was an interesting delivery because we just flip the button and gas comes from somewhere and we have heat. Sleep 2 This morning was spent enjoying the environs of our hosts E & D’s beautiful mountain home in Bolton Landing in the foothills of the Adirondacks.  All the while, I keep a watchful eye for humping deer. This is the mating season and the deer love to hump in this spot. They will carry their offspring all winter and then, in the spring they come to this spot as a family. I was told to marvel at the deer as an animal extraordinaire. Why? Think about the phenomenon of an animal that lives and thrives in a habitat that gives them twenty below and over 100 degrees and yet they adapt. Isn’t nature supreme? At noon, we picked up a picnic lunch before our boat ride in and around the 35-mile long Lake George finding ourselves guests of P & D at their compound consisting of three small islands connected by Gothic looking bridges.  It was thrilling to be escorted and to visit this lovely spot in the middle of the lake. If you are a blood relative you were welcome to build a home and live on the islands, but now that most of the building is done, you have to buy what is there now from a relative. The summer finds many of the Sir clan living and visiting this lovely idyllic paradise at the water’s edge. During the winter months you have only P & D living year round.  I asked P how they get to the mainland when the lake is frozen solid and she said they have a Norwegian Sleigh, they have a canoe they use and paddle it along the ice to get over the solid lake; they skate and have their private secrets on getting to and getting what they need during the months of living on the frozen winter water. She said that they close off a good part of the house and live in a small portion of it during the freeze. As we boated our way to the mainland, I turned and saw the beautiful trio of islands and bridges receding and realized that we were very privileged guests and I thank P & D for their generous hospitality, the generous gift of imparting their knowledge and sharing their fortunate life with us for the afternoon. Thank you P & D. Sleep 3 Today we rode an amphibian (Hydra-Terra vehicle) tour bus/boat to experience and delight ourselves with the sights of New York’s capital city of Albany. Not only is it New York’s capital city but also, it is the city of Skip’s birth. Even though Skip is a historic sight himself, we took the tour with experienced guides to enlighten us about the other historic sites of this 402-year-old city. We passed by the Albany City Hall, the Ten Broeck Mansion, Washington Park, New York State Museum, the Palace, which was the flagship theater of RKO, many years ago and the D & H (Delaware and Hudson) railroad building.  

After an hour ride through Albany a beautiful city we rolled and splashed into the Hudson River.   There are many interesting sights along the river and one that put some puzzle pieces together for me was the replica of Henry Hudson’s ship of discovery, The Half Moon.  Remember I mentioned we had dinner at the Half Moon Diner.  Now I fully understand the origin of this diner’s name.

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