Cambria, San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay

Cambria is a town, really a village, which consists of East and West Village. We explored from top to bottom and then realized we were famished. We ate at Linn’s because of a tradition we have when we come to Cambria among other traditions. After filling our bellies we wanted more of Linn’s goodies, so we drove out to the farm, which is five miles out into the lovely countryside to purchase jams, jellies, avocados, lemons, and my main purchases were, pourable fruit that I will use as a glaze for chicken and fish, plus seedless Olallieberry jam.

On the way out to Linn’s Ranch and Store, we stopped at the Santa Rosa Chapel and cemetery. We noticed many graves with the name Fiscalini on them. It seems there is a big Fiscalini Ranch, plus an East Fiscalini Ranch and I assume a West Ranch as well. God Bless the Fiscalini’s.  Others, as you can see from the photo, are not so blessed to have a big family and ranches that span the Cambria area. These wooden markers have been here a long time and from the looks of some of them; their inhabitants have long ago been forgotten. I noticed on a few of the wooden markers a brass plate has been put on to remember the deceased who lies there. This cemetery is not on a grand scale like some others, but it is grand in the sense that you become absorbed in the ambiance, the experience lingers on in your mind forever, and you know you will return time after time.

We moved on to a favorite spot of mine, Moonstone Beach. We began our little walk along the beach and I was struck by the realization that there is something missing.  The beach used to be covered in little polished stones and a moonstone or two here and there.  The mass of stones has dwindled and they look scarce and picked over.  Oh my, there should be a sign discouraging folks from taking the rocks.  I am guilty and am very sorry. If I could bring the stones I took back to this spot, I would, but how?  I will never, ever take any more and hope you do not as well. I have seen first hand in my little world of worlds the significant threat human activity can make on a habitat that should be in existence eternally.

San Luis Obispo: Midway between Los Angeles and San Jose on the Central Coast of California

We spent an evening in the lovely little town of San Luis Obispo boasting as the happiest city in America, and enjoyed their Thursday Evening Farmer’s Market. The street was very crowded and full of things to eat.  /there was as line for McCintock’s Oak-pit barbeque that stretched for blocks and blocks. We asked the people in line if it was all that good and they said, “Yes, yes, it is ALL that good!” We did not stand in line, but we should have, definitely. The produce was beautiful as well as plentiful.

Morro Bay:

Morro Bay is one of my favorite waterfront cities. I love it for our history of visiting and for the huge rock that adorns it. We had lunch here in Morro Bay this visit on a patio, in seats that jutted out into the bay in full view of the otters at play, the sea lions basking, the fishermen coming and going, the pelicans gulping, seeing and feeling the birds dropping wet stuff on the umbrellas and occasionally on your person, hopefully not in your food, as well as enjoying all that the bay has to offer the visitor and the locals.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marty McKissack
    Aug 30, 2011 @ 15:32:34

    Entertaining & a lovely descriptive, pictorial Visit; Most Beautiful though are your
    “Letters to your Granddaughter”. THANKS!!!


  2. Keith Anderson
    Aug 30, 2011 @ 18:57:23

    Ah, the stories made it feel almost as if I were there. I learned of a few new good places to go next time I’m in that area. Good job as usual!


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