This tree is in Maria Luisa Park in Seville, Spain

Our Seville City Tour and Cordoba

Before we leave Portugal let me tell you that I was so impressed as one of their exports is cork, yes, cork as in wine bottle corks, etc.

Did you know that cork comes from trees? I surely did not.   There is such as thing as cork trees and I was captivated. I bought a cork bracelet to remind me of the new knowledge gained regarding cork and cork trees.  The following photo taken by Rachel from the bus is one of a cork tree shaved of its bark to get at the cork.

The second photo is taken from the bus as well showing fields of cork trees as they grow contently in the countryside.

We continued to head south to the Algarve and crossed the border to Spain effortlessly; the wheels of the bus just rolled on. In Seville, we are treated to a visit in the Plaza de Espana built for the 1929 exhibition, but as you may remember the Great Depression was in 1929. It is said no one came, but they have these beautiful buildings and lovely grounds as a result of their planning. On the morning of our visit semi-hoards of swallows were enjoying the early morning with you. Close your eyes and imagine all the tweeting, the swooping low to say hello and the general envelopment of you and the area with their presence. It is times like those complete encounters I wish I had some of the talents of Doctor Doolittle.

Beautiful Moorish Architecture

The Cathedral

The Cathedral is beautiful, full of treasures and adorns the city of Seville. The architecture in the city of Seville is attractive and I will include a few photos to share.

The Cathedral from the outside.

City of Seville photos:


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