Agrigento and Marsala

Agrigento and Marsala Today we left Palermo and stopped in a lovely ancient area to use the facilities, I took off running. I used the facilities all-right, in the bushes. I wanted to get some countryside photos for you to see how beautiful it is in Sicily.  I hiked around the highland and got photos from all sides. Being out of the bus, being on the ground next into its green pastures and peeking first hand at sheep, native flowers was so refreshing, grounding and a very spiritual connection with the earth.

Soon, we ventured  into the town of Marsala to tour Pellegrino, a facility for wine making and to have a traditional luncheon on the top floor over looking the North African Sea.  Have you ever tasted Marsala wine?  First, it is the most beautiful wine with its brilliant amber color. I have never seen amber colored wine. It has the look of a good whiskey with a lighter touch.  Second, it needs to be poured into the most exquisite wine glass you own.  Its taste is sweet and elegant. Third, go out today and buy some Marsala wine and see if you can get it from the town of Marsala in Sicily. Enjoy it and serve it often.

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  1. Bette Sallus
    Feb 27, 2011 @ 15:26:01

    Have read ALL your notes through 2/27/11 and am enjoying them so VERY much, especially since I no longer fly and can’t visit Italy ever again. I find that you capture the sights, sounds & atmosphere of the places I’ve been and I’m confident that you’re sharing with me all the places I’ve never been. Keep up the excellent work!!!


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