Sometimes a party just clicks and it is spectacular from the conception of the idea to the planning stages as well as the event itself. This was one of those magical gatherings of the clan.

Musings: You have an idea that you haven’t used your collection of gorgeous teacups since the major earthquake in 1994 when you gathered them from the broken mess of so much clatter and clutter. You must have a tea party so you can use and enjoy the ones you saved that day. Okay, but what does as traditional English Tea Party, entail?  It entails research. This was the birth of our Tea Party. By the way having an elegant tea party is very fashionable once again.

Get ready: First of all the tea is the star of the event, surrounded by dainty cucumber sandwiches, as well as sandwiches lightly buttered and topped with egg. Another popular tea sandwich is ham and watercress. Cream cheese is used in many combinations to craft and create fun tasty tea sandwiches. To make proper sandwiches, you have to have very thin bread minus the crusts.

An elegant way to serve the sandwiches, which have been cut into triangles, squares or rounds by using cookie cutters is to lay them to rest on a bed of lettuce which lines a platter.  Scones, jam and clotted cream are the order of the day as well. Shortbread cookies are served along with a myriad of cakes, and let me add my favorite, Millionaire’s Shortbread bars. A bowl each of lemon curd and jam is a must. I can’t even write about this entire splendor without salivating.

As you can see from the photo some of the tea ingredients we shared filled the table with elegance of a time gone by, being resurrected. The tasks were shared with everyone bringing something.  Andy and Manuel got the clotted cream assignment. After careful investigation into the making of clotted cream, they decided they would just make whipped cream from heavy whipping cream.  The huge bowl of cream was so thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Some was left over and after the party had lulled, we took out a mixer and finished further whipping the cream until it became butter. For those who had not seen the butter making process it was a big thrill and the eating of the butter was ecstasy.

We added a no, no, but it was a big hit, freshly butter-grilled cheese sandwiches on white bread. Oh how delicious. How long has it been for you??

I can say to all of you, please create and enjoy a tea party for your family and friends. It is delightful and some how it all clicks when you have such  beautiful and elegant guests and an arrangement of goodies carefully considered and lovingly added to surround your tea.

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  1. Suellen
    Sep 21, 2010 @ 20:24:32

    Sheila, just got home from Biloxi and LOVED this blog about the tea party. Man, how I wish I lived closer so I could participate. One of my favorite things to do in London is to go to tea somewhere special while there. It is such a peaceful time to communicate with friends—unlike your previous blog re automation. Love!


  2. marci weiser
    Sep 22, 2010 @ 16:12:12

    It was a great party. What theme is next? We will have to think of something. What about western, cocktails, taco fest, southern etc


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