Thank You Poem to Sheila by Dea Warming

I got the mail and to my surprise

A box addressed to me

I hurried back with it in tow

So anxious just to see

What could it be, I couldn’t guess

What my thoughtful friend could send

I’m running now, back to the house

Will this driveway ever end??

I’m in the house now and wouldn’t you know

There’s a ringing from the phone

Hey, I have a gift I want to see

Could you please leave me alone??

So, I picked it up and said “Hello”

Who could this person be?

Oh what a thrill, I’m happy now

They’re from AARP

Just think of it, at lower cost

Because I’m old is why

This life insurance will set me up

But only if I die

I said, “No thanks”, my plan’s to live

They said, “You never know!”

With the slightest chill upon my voice

I said, “I have to go”.

So, here I sit with box in hand

Excitement begins to grow

From this unexpected thoughtfulness

From a friend I’m blessed to know

So I pull on the box

It’s taped quite well

My heart is pounding now

I lift the lid, I peek inside

“A Lady Bug, Oh WOW”!!!!

I’ll cherish this for all my days

This gift my friend has sent

I’m feeling good and feeling loved

Which I know was your intent.


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