Today’s Bits and Pieces: Palm Beach Florida!


On our trip, we visited with lovely friends in Palm Beach, Florida. I did not now it, but soon realized we were on an island. The beautiful gift giving Atlantic Ocean was viewed on one side of the deck and if you turned you viewed the Intra Coastal Waterway.  “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink,”

Everyday we saw something new. One day we happened upon a shell shop. Now this was not your ordinary shell shop, this one is totally distinctive in a very creative approach. We happened back to the shell shop for photographs the next day and the owner allowed us to go back into the garden and workshop where they made some of their unusual items for sale in the front of the store. Palm Beach has something for everyone even in the pouring, pounding rain.

Shell hunting on the beach proved to be so much fun. We felt 5 years old again. Each new find was miraculous and surprising. Since the sea yielded up so many free shell gifts, we stopped to get a glass container to display them. We decided against the Steuben glass bowls on display at the Breakers Hotel gift shop and on our way to another outing on Worth Avenue we hoped to get something for a better price.  Instead we found a pair of earrings that were the most dramatic babbles I have ever experienced. The problem is that they were too heavy. You could only wear them for a short time and would not get your money’s worth, in my humble opinion. The price is $50,000 and if you are interested I will give you the name and exact location of the jewelry shop. After pricing a few more bowls for our shell display we stopped off at the Good Will and low and behold there stood a most perfect tall glass container for the bold price of $2.99. The deed was done, looks perfect with space for many more excursions on the beach for shell collections.

One morning we went to Charlie G’s for breakfast. I think that is the name. It is situated along the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean. They must have the very best breakfasts in the world, I thought to myself, because the line wrapped around the buildings. It was raining and I wondered why anyone would stand in line in the first place, and stand in line in the rain for the second. The line went fairly fast and once inside you become quickly aware of why everyone was waiting in a long line in the rain. The food is piled high on the plates and is just delicious.  It does not compare with any other breakfasts I have ever experienced. Just a little glimpse is for you to imagine your favorite French toast dish smeared with creamy cream cheese and put together like a giant sandwich heaped up and put down in front of your watering mouth. OMG! The bacon is not to be believed. The coffee is great and there is something to be said about being in an environment where everyone is lip smacking(ly) enjoying their food to the utmost.

We were very fortunate to have such lovely friends to invite us to this part of the world and hope to go back and spend more time there in the future.

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