Bits and Pieces from Zurich, Switzerland

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The rain, rain go away and come again another day is exactly the forecast for our stay in Zurich. We have tours planned that will show us many spectacular sights; only they will be covered in shrouds, surrounded by pelting rain and gently falling snow.  Off we go…

It was raining on and off, mostly on all day. It produced the most stunning rainbow any of us had ever seen in our lives.

The colors were perfectly delineated and the arc went from end to end, exactly how you see them in paintings and in re-created art. It was the perfect rainbow, too perfect to be true, maybe the most perfect of all time. The pot of gold was at the end of it, but we were on the bus and no stopping until we came to Mt. Pilates, then Mt. Titlis,  Engelberg, (Angel Mountain) a beautiful mountain resort where Skip and I walked to the Benedictine monastery and had lunch in their Cheese factory.

The lunch on the monastery grounds was memorable. All home made cheeses, and homemade breads were served with salads, and while you ate your lunch, the cheese makers were making cheese behind the glass surrounding your eating area. Astounding. Skip found the piggy bank of all piggy banks today and he was so excited. Now we have to pack that great big box. Seriously, what was he thinking or was he thinking how very far we are from home and the 6 bags have already to lug around, but I am getting better and didn’t say one single word, still haven’t. Next time we travel, we will stick to the three pants, 4-5 tops and the necessary undergarments, plus drugs, just in case.

They did set us off at noon in Engelberg and everything closes there from 12:00-2:00. That is why we walked to the monastery. By the way, we stopped on our way in the church on the grounds and found it absolutely as beautiful as any we have seen. Maybe it was on a bit of a smaller scale, but beautiful. All churches to me are beautiful and have an atmosphere of quiet, tranquil holiness. I lit candles for all of you on my list and some who aren’t. The organist came in bowed before us and started to play. An organ concert for two was heaven sent.

We were the only two on the tour who did the monastery, cheese luncheon and it was a highlight for us. We made it back to our bus just in time. Oh wow, it really took some big time team effort to get back. We then drove to see Lake Lucerne and the city itself. After 11 hours we are so dead tired we ate pastries in the room and are going to bed early. We have something scary planned for tomorrow and can’t decide whether to cancel or not.

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