Today’s Bits and Pieces: My Friend Becky Baker, Butler, Bradley, soon to be Boyle

Becky’s friend Cici has been dating three, sometimes four men all at the same time. She has been Becky’s guru and confidant during the past few months since Becky’s husband died. I am not going to tell you Becky’s married life was the envy of us all because it was not, but after 30 years, who still judges?

Becky’s friend Cici does the judging for her. She tells Becky, she does not know what she has missed. She says there are all kinds of men out there, good and certainly bad, and then, there are whole bunches in between. Becky has told Cici of the ones she has met so far, and that she is generally thrilled that none of them possess some of the traits he abhorred in her first and second marriages. Cici says these men have not shown their true colors yet. Just wait. Cici dates as many men as will date her. She says she wants to make up for lost time. Becky told me that this philosophy is backfiring on Cici right now. Her 87 year old and her 84 year old are both in the hospital. One is in the Eisenhower and the other in JFK. She visits one and scoots across the street to visit the other. She says she fills her days with hospital visits. This scares Becky. She says so. “ I don’t want to be scooting across back and forth tending to my new guys.” I don’t even want to be driving by one of those hospitals. I spent the last 7 years in a hospital and I don’t want to do it again.

Becky’s new beau is a man who likes to have a drink or two, maybe more, she doesn’t say, but the drinking aspect of the relationship concerns her. She has never seen him drunk or anything of that nature, but he bemoans the fact that when he drinks she takes a drink, too. Cici inquires why Becky should be so worried about taking a drink. Becky declares that she gets to loose and starts to have too much fun. Oh poor Becky, can’t even allow herself to have some loosened up fun. Another thing Becky has decided to do with the one she likes the best is to dump him. Cici asks why in the world would you do that when you are having so much fun and you like him so much? Becky recounts that if she dumps him, he can’t dump her. She likes him too much and thinks he is a player and will play right out of her life. She says she just can’t chance another hurt. We are dealing here folks with senior citizens and to me they both are sounding like teenagers. Oh dear, I remember the teenage years as the roughest of times. My heart goes out to Becky and her friend Cici. “But there for the Grace of God”

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