Today’s Bits and Pieces: My Personal Navigational Travel Assistant

A few days ago I bought an up to the minute personal navigational travel assistant for my car that heretofore has not had these navigational capabilities. I spent way too much money on this little sucker and have paid dearly not only in hard won cash, but time, energy and mental abuse.

I opened the lovely little package that said in big letters, THERE will be a 15% re-stocking fee if you open this box. Well, how am I to get the product out and begin to use it if I do not open the box. This should have alerted me or been my precursor to what has followed.

I turned on the personal navigational assistant and waited for nearly 10 minutes for it to find the satellite. Okay, I am on the road now and I want to test this little sucker out. Still searching for a satellite. I am now over 10 miles down the highway, thank goodness a familiar highway. Finally the devise kicks in and it spoke to me. It recalculated and told me to go south, I know I needed to go north. I tried 3 times to get it right. Wrong.

I registered this little sucker. The email I received told me to go to a particular website and download the upgrade to the 2009 maps. This little puppy is brand new out of the box needing an upgrade. I know I followed the download directions. First the download took 4.5 hours. Then the upload was to take another 2 hours, but the message read: Product Name: ( will hereafter be referred to as Product Name in consideration for this highly recommended company and their products) “MAC application cannot be opened because it is damaged.” Oh dear. I called Product Name and waited 35 minutes for them to tell me that I needed to be transferred to a Mac specialist. Okay, another 23 minutes and then, there was a real live person speaking to me. He had me check to see if my operating system can handle this download and sure enough it cannot. My computer is too ancient. Like me. So I asked to have a disc sent. He said the disc will not help in your present computer. I said I wanted to take the disc to a friend, but could not wait the 4.5 hours for the download. My friends would too soon tire of me. He asked me to hold on. He came back and verified my address. He asked me to hold on again, and my PHONE DIED. I nearly died. I am going to hope that he will follow through and send me the disc.

I am a bit disappointed I have had to work so hard and feel so frustrated. I am off to get new phones, off to get meds for my headache and I am going to take my new outdated navigational system with me to see if she works well enough to get me a to the corner drugstore.

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