Bits and Pieces: The Penis Plant aka The Century Plant

Okay, so there is a penis growing out of a plant in our backyard. So what, right? Wrong, it is an event. It is exciting; regrettably, it is not really a penis, but a plant called, Agave Truncata or in laymen’s terms, the Century Plant. Now, does that mean it only grows a penis every 100 years? I thought so, but about 8 years ago the first penis grew. One day, I noticed a little birdie perched upon this gigantic phallus. I said to myself, OMG and ran to tell everyone and make everyone come over to see this symbol of masculinity. After a few weeks and at full height, “IT” sprouted lovely little yellow flowers. I do not think any of you fellows will be jealous because you would have a hard time concealing 20 feet of stiff growth plus little yellow sprouts.

Here is the website where you can buy your very own Penis plant:
I do hope this buying opportunity comes through on the blog because if not I think you will have to travel to Durango, Mexico for the pleasure of owning this plant. Actually, on second thought, if you come over to my house, we can pluck the baby sprouts along the edges of the mother plant and you can own one that way. Now do not become impatient. Your plant will have to be nurtured for years and when you least expect it, out pops its dick.

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