Today’s Bits and Pieces: “How I Was Suckered in Weehawken

When you decide to visit the Big Apple, you have to make an even bigger decision and that is where to stay. You can stay just about anywhere in the Manhattan and be able to get around to see all of the sights. We decided to stay in Weehawken, a little town across the river. Our room was the one centered in the middle of the hotel, right on the waterfront. The ferry arrives at your door every 15 minutes and glides you off to 42nd street. The ferry over and back each day is a short ride full the images of the Hudson River life, which is teaming and full of bustling activity all hours of day or night. The view of Manhattan from the Jersey side is mind altering, intoxicating, and a true marvel of modern man. This brings me to tell how I was suckered in Weehawken, which when all is said and done is a beautiful and innocent town.

I tell you so you will know the scam up front. Every morning while staying in the hotel across the river, I would go down to the coffee stand and buy a coffee. This coffee was especially addicting. The man who sold the coffee was always friendly and I usually paid with 2, one dollar bills, receiving my change. The last morning, I was sad to be getting my last cup of delicious coffee and told the fellow how much I appreciated his wake up cup of java. The coffee seller was especially jovial this last morning. My coffee was poured and he said,“ $1.61.” I pulled two tens out of my wallet, not having any singles. I remember thinking to my self that I had better make extra special care in putting the second ten back into my wallet because when people are careless, they can loose their money as it drops onto the floor. I gave the gentleman the remaining ten-dollar bill and waited for my change. He promptly gave me change for a $5. I stated that I had given him a $10. He was so slick now in hindsight. What he did was put the $10 in the till, make the change for five and put another five in his
hand. When I stated it was a 10 that I gave him, he said, “ No you did not, look I still have the 5 in my hand. Yes, he did have a five in his hand but it was mine, it was the one he had taken out of the till. I had no recourse. I figured out as I bitterly drank my $8.39 cup of coffee, that he might effectively do this kind of change fraud with only a ten or a twenty. Right? Well, now you know how I was “Suckered in Weehawken.

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  1. Connie Forster
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 16:02:36

    We got caught like that on a bus in France, they think we are all stupid, there’s one born every day they say, that’s us all at some time, when I go there I won’t buy the coffee, don’t like the stuff, but I will see this person and make sure he knows I know what he does.


  2. Suellen Phillips
    Jan 14, 2008 @ 14:26:05

    This happened to my sister while in Italy. It was in a McDonald’s and it was the manager that did it! With the language difficulty, problems with the currency she lost about $20 over a coke. We still talk about it and that was years ago before the Euro.


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