Today’s Bits and Pieces

Oh So Sad and True.

Teacher, I came to school on the first day and you smiled at me. I knew it was going to be a good thing. I wanted it to be a good thing. I even prayed about it every night. I said, “God, I am scared to go into that big place. I drive by it every day when we go down our hill. I know it is fun there because I can hear the children laughing; they are playing and having a good time. I pray that I won’t get hurt. I pray that the kids are nice. I pray that my teacher likes me. Thank you for listening. I love you.”

Teacher you had a big conference with my mom and my dad. You told them that I just yell out the answer even if it is not my turn. You told them that I always raise my hand but you did not tell them you never call on me. You always call on certain kids because you think they know the answers. I know the answers, too. Why don’t you call on me?

Teacher, you told my parents that I can’t sit still and that I am very dis-reacting in the classroom. Dad says you mean distracting? You say I move my feet and wiggle my chest and mangle my hands. But, do you know when we come up to sit in front of you at story time your feet are moving and kicking me right in the face. One time you kicked me so hard I had a bump on my cheek. You are dis-reacting, I mean distracting to the class. Can you sit still? No you can’t, but teacher, you still don’t like me very much.

Teacher, you would not let me go to the bathroom. You said too many people have gone to the bathroom and that no one else can go. Do you know that for lunch they gave us orange juice, milk, some icky stuff and a popsicle? I had to pee and you wouldn’t let me so I just peed behind the bookcase. You really got mad. See, if you liked me you would have let me go to the bathroom.

Teacher, today you said that we were going to make Mother’s Day projects. I was pretty excited about that, because I think my mom is GREAAAT. You said that we needed to use enough glue to make sure that the sides and the middle were pasted down. I did just what you said, but you yelled at me and no one else. My glue ran out of the sides, but I cleaned it up. You yelled, “ Can’t you ever do anything right?” I guess not teacher. You don’t like me very much.

Teacher, why did you move my seat up next to the meanest kid in the class? This kid gives me the evil eye all of the time. He puts nasty things in my desk, he throws rocks at me during outside time and he spits on my desk. You don’t even care.

When I went up to you to tell you about the mean kid and ask you to move my seat, you were more interested in blowing and picking your nose. Man, teacher your snot is greener than mine. After I saw all that green snot, I just left and said to myself, “Teacher, you don’t like me very much.”

Teacher, this is a special day for me, you don’t even know it. I made up a song and I was singing it all day. It is a very good song about peace, kindness to animals and keeping our planet green. I thought you would like to hear it, but oh boy I was wrong. I was practicing it in case you asked me to sing it and you yelled and yelled at me. You said, “Be quiet!” I was trying to tell you about my song and you yelled again, “Be quiet, you are distributing the class.” I know you meant disturbing, and I know you do not like me very much.

Teacher, I studied all week for the spelling test. I know I can get 100%. I wanted the A+ grade because my mom said she would give me 10 dollars. I knew every single word by heart, but you marked 4 words wrong. They are not wrong. You marked them wrong because the tail of my “G” did not wrap around the line on the bottom. You gave me a C grade. You really, really don’t like me very much.

Teacher, my mom is coming to school to talk to you about my spelling test. She says that a spelling test is graded on how you put the letters in order. I know that. Why don’t you? A handwriting test is a test that tells you if my tails wrap around the line. I know that. Why don’t you? I think you know it, but you just don’t like me very much.

Teacher, you have a bunch of bears on your board. If I am good you will give me a brown bear. If I am in warning, you will give me a yellow bear, and if I am bad you will give me a red bear. Everyday you give me a yellow bear. I used to put them in my folder, now I crush them up and put them in the mean kids desk. If you liked me you would give me some brown bears.

Teacher, I made a really, really good report on fossils. It had a lot of artwork I did. It had a lot of pages in it. It looked like a book. Everyone in my family helped with that report. It took a lot of studying to get it just right. You gave me a D grade on it. What does D mean? Does it mean Darned good, Decently Done, Dignified, devotedly Different, a Duplicated Dream, a Dramatic Dazzling Deed, a Declaration of a Delicious Delight, but I know it really means a Dumb Disgusting Disaster, but not to me.

My mom and dad asked me to think about why you don’t like me very much. I think maybe I don’t smile enough when you tell your stories. I think maybe I don’t sit like a statue, I think maybe I do not write good enough, maybe I don’t raise my hand and wait to for you to call on me, maybe you are mad at me and maybe you just don’t like girls. I know one thing for sure you don’t like me very much and you know teacher, I don’t like you very much either.

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  1. Connie Forster
    Dec 31, 2007 @ 16:14:06

    Teachers, here we go again, they are the be all and end all to mankind and children, NOT, they just think that. This teacher wants a kick up the backside preferably with a man’s size 12 boot. It’s a clique that teachers have, like a lot of professions really and no one can enter. Not all teachers are bad, but those that are need sacking. Instead of listening to other teachers on how they should treat children, perhaps they should learn how to treat children from experience, no child however bad is all bad and for an adult to take their problems out on a child is and find out why the child is so called bad, some of these you win, some you lose, but isn’t that their role in life to teach, not only an academic education, but life too, sharing, being a person in the big wide world, this one needs the lessons herself. How can you treat a child like this, he/she only wants to learn and be appreciated for it. This child must dread going to school every day and be so sad. Lets hope that the next years teacher is kinder.


  2. Suellen Phillips
    Jan 09, 2008 @ 10:22:51

    This is great! I think every teacher needs to read this blog to get an idea of what children think. You nailed it. I loved the part where you weave in that the teacher is not very smart herself!


  3. sheila
    Jan 13, 2008 @ 13:11:28

    I have aHarry’s permission to paste this here. I love what he says. I will paste it twice.

    Hey Sheila,
    This is a great article, it reminds me a lot of my own experiences
    and the things I saw while I was at school. Look, I really dont
    understand why some teachers dont give students a chance to be good in
    class, or do good on a test and most importantly just be a good student.
    Coming from my own experiences, I started to like studying and school in
    general once I found out that I have the potential to be a good student.
    I feel that teachers aren’t ready to deal with kids that are hyper. Dude,
    they are kids, you cant expect them to act like machines. That’s what
    teachers want these days; they want their students to be submissive
    robots who follow rules and directions. However, thats not what our world
    needs today. We need people who are ready to make changes in our society.



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