Today’s Bits and Pieces: Travelogues from Tarzana, Day # 2

Travelogues from Tarzana Day # 2

Usually travelogue writers reach acclaim by traveling to the world’s remotest locations and writing about them.  Since as I mentioned before we are destined to stay in our present location for quite awhile, I did not want my writing skills to lie dormant, so I have elected to report from where I am, not where I planned to be.

They say Travel literature is travel writing of literary value and that this individual work is sometimes called a travelogue. It is true that a great portion of travel literature is not written on the spot and is fictionalized. Did you know that? More

Today’s Bits and Pieces: Travelogues from Tarzana, 91356



I had such great plans to send travel logs from South Africa. I was going to report all of the wonderful things we saw and did. I probably would have moaned and groaned about some things and raved about others. I would have discussed the people we met along the way, fellow travelers as well as citizens of places we were scheduled to have visited. You know I would have sent wonderful pictures of all of our sights and for sure there would have been some animal photos to delight. Alas, there will be none of that because we have cancelled the trip.  Skip could not have traveled with an active attack of diverticulitis, but with the added attack of shingles, well that sealed our fate for now. We have been grounded. Your first question is did you insure. Oh yes, and it remains to be known what we will and will not get back. I am confident that our travel agent has that all under control. I will tell you that the airfare was not insured, so we will have a gazillion dollars credit on Delta. It was a long and expensive flight.  Just think of the many places Delta flies. More

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