Today’s Bits and Pieces: It is Your Choice

My daughter received a lovely gold and ruby watch as an inheritance.  She said every time she put it on, she felt bad luck surrounding her.  Subsequently, her sister borrowed it and felt equally surrounded with bad vibes.

One day, I saw the glittering watch was lying on my daughter’s dresser.  I put it on and felt inspired, hopeful, warm and friendly.  I asked to borrow the watch for a few days and was granted my request.

During my visit with this watch, I can’t say there are such things as vibes housed in inanimate objects or that truly, I/we would feel good or badly towards anything other than what we set out to feel.  What is lucky for some is absolutely the opposite than for others. The power here is in the thought and the belief.

In wearing this watch, I have set out to observe the truth as I see and feel it.  So far, I have been able to observe that there are near tragedies every which way you turn and equally near opportunities for good to  happen.  My observations are that you have to choose what you want to do, to see, and feel and whether it is on the good side or on the bad.

Today the watch is hidden in the back of a drawer among receipts of paid bills.

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